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If You Falled in Love with Chainsaw Man, 10 Manga You Should Read

Chainsaw Male Wednesdays are now a distant memory, and Makima simps across the globe are likely going through severe post-season withdrawals. We’ve compiled a list with unusual manga to help you find the right review for you if you still need it.

To find the solution to your next Power saw Man-esque activity, you can read Fire Punch (be warned: it’s an anxiety objectified book) or dive into the Power saw Guy manga. You’re looking for chapter 39. Below are 10 insane manga Chainsaw Male followers should check out if you’re looking for a manga to review that is just as bizarre and action-packed.

1. ChoujinX

Choujin X might be a great option if you like the monster designs of Power saw Male’s evils and are a fan of Tokyo Ghoul story writing. SuiIshida wrote it. It tells the story of Tokio Kurohara, an unlucky high-schooler, as he is forced into a society where half-humans and half-demons are called Choujin. Choujin are similar to Tokyo Ghoul’s ghouls. They are powerful, metaphysical beings who must endure at the bottom of society.

Tokio’s incredible Choujin powers turn him into a vulture like creature. Denji is his manga lead character. Tokio is an unusual one. Tokio isn’t brave or as strong as his childhood friend. Tokio prefers to be a wimp, and has no desire to get into trouble. Azuma would be a great character, with his brave qualities. But this manga is not about grinding pleasure to a stop. It’s about Tokyo’s struggle and success in becoming a Choujin fully realized. Ishida-lovers will be glad to hear that he has increased the imagination and clarity below. This is a remarkable feat considering how difficult it was to understand later parts of Tokyo Ghoul.

2. Dai Dark

Chainsaw Man fanatics who long for space-faring adventures should look into Dai Dark. Another Dorohedoro-developer Q Hayashida joint, it complies to a teen named Zaha Sanko who is being pursued across all of the galaxy in search of his body parts. In particular, his skeleton. This has the ability to grant any type dream to a being. While no one plans to have their skeleton taken while it’s still being used, Zaha Sanko and his spooky scary skeletal compadre must search for the man who cursed Zaha’s skeleton so that he can live in tranquility.
If you liked the brutalist landscapes and also the charming-yet-offputting character layouts in Hayashida’s Dorohedoro, Dai Dark preserves that very same level of style as well as quality, specifically with its yoked-up Noi-equivalent personality, Shimada Fatality.

3. Dandadan

Yukinobu Tamatsu’s Dandadan mixes the most terrifying images of horror from Junji Ito stories together with some of his best rom-com situational humor. Dandadan is a story about Momo, an extremely popular girl in high school who believes in ghosts. It also features Ken Takakura, the school’s greatest geek and someone who believes that aliens do exist. Momo and Ken end up being best friends after their schoolyard attempts to infiltrate a haunted web site and prove the existence the paranormal. The unfortunate thing is that the pair end up finding they are both right after being taken hostage by aliens and having a ghost steal their parts.

Dandadan might be the right choice for you if Denji and Aki were your favorites. Dandadan packs a lot more wit into each of its bizarre, yokai-hunting adventures while still giving out as many sincere moments between them and their monsters.

4. Devilman G

Devilman Grimoire, by Go Nagai. Rui Takatou is an artist who retells the story of the timeless, scary Devilman manga. Devilman G has a more humane character and also more monster designs than the Netflix Netflix collection Devilman Crybaby. The tale is generally the same, but Devilman G features a key change: Miki Makimura, the heroine, is not treated the way that the others. Miki is now a witch, and not just a lady in distress who Akira Fudo can rescue. A nice reimagining of Miki is that her powers are the catalyst for Akira becoming the satanic force under king Amon. Let’s go, Miki.

5. Hell’s Paradise

Mappa’s manga adaptation of Heck’s Paradise – Jigokuraku will be streamed on Crunchyroll this Springtime. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to browse the colorful manga panels. That is, if you can find any of them at your local bookshop. Because those puppies go fast when they restock. Hell’s Heaven is a great book.
Heck’s Heaven is a Yuuji Kaku movie about Guy Fujimoto’s former aide. It follows a group detainees and the death squads responsible for supervising them, as they find a mysterious island called Kotaku, which holds the elixir for life. The Shogun gives them an excuse. Things get a little more complicated when the manga’s self destruct squad of convicts encounter the island’s deadly flora along with their equally treacherous, never-ending inhabitants.

6. Inuyashiki

If you’ve ever seen the meme of an anime character drinking down a scared girl about the latest One Piece chapter, it is Inuyashiki. Inuyashiki is a sci-fi manga which has more interesting character checks than simply how liking One Piece implies you aren’t afraid to be dedicated.

Hiroya OKU’s sci-fi drama Inuyashiki centers on a child boomer named Ichirou Inuyashiki. Ichirou, after a wonderful cry in the park, while taking his canine for walks, discovers that an extraterrestrial object offers him a human body. The rest of the story focuses on Ichirou’s struggle to maintain his humanity as a community superhero.

7. Jagaaaaaan

Jagaaaaan was created by Kensuke Nishida. Blue Lock creator Muneyuki Kanneshiro has created a supernatural manga about Shintarou Jagasaki. Shintarou dreamed of the day when he could unload the whole clip of his police-issued gun into anyone who looked at him sideways, instead of serving or protecting. As they say, art is life imitating life. Things go terribly wrong when a man with the face of a demon kills his companion. Shintaro is about ready to meet his ancestors and he takes out a gun from his hand to kill the perpetrator.

Shintarou was infected as a Mad Xenopus by a froglike critter. It can transform human physiology based upon their strongest desires. Shinatarou, who is a trigger-happy man, must use his newfound powers and deal “justice” quickly to those transformed into monsters. Also, his fiance will not be turned into one. You’re all familiar with the story.

8. Kaijiu No.8

Kaiju No. 8. By Naoya Moratsumoto. 8 is boldly doing what most shonen magazines don’t: having its primary personality be an adult. Kaiju No. 8 agrees with Kafka, a 32 year-old sanitation worker who cleans up after the kaiju fights. Kafka has never dreamed of a non-recognized, blue-collar job. As a teenager, Kafka imagined joining the army as a soldier and fighting against the attacking monsters with Mina Ashiro.

Kafka comes across a Kaiju one fateful day that transforms him into Spider-Man’s humanoid Kaiju. Kafka currently has to conceal his newfound abilities in order to fulfill his childhood dream and become part of Japan’s Kaiju Protection Corps. Kaiju No. Manufacturing I.G will also adjust 8’s anime. The premiere is planned for next year.

9. Parayte

Parasyte, written by HitoshiIwaaki, tells the story of Shinichi, a high-school student, who is infected by Migi, a parasitical animal. Migi takes over Shinichi’s arm, but falls short of completely taking control. It is an odd-couple bond between the two of them, as they fight each other for blood. Parasyte has a strange, unorthodox, and occasionally heartfelt nature.

10. Neverland as promised

The Promised Neverland, written by Kaiu Shrai and performed by Posuka Denizu, is possibly the best horror manga of this decade. It shows the lives and times of a group kids living in a dystopian home called Grace Field House. They discover the true meaning behind their older siblings’ auspicious college graduations. It turns out that the branding on these children’s necks is a livestock-esque design. And all of the time they spent analyzing their mental determination was to ensure they could be used for food for the eldritch entities living outside their substance. The Assured Neverland has a Chicken Run anime so we won’t need it ever again.
What results is a game that involves double-crossing, lies and mind games. Emma, Ray as well as Norman are involved in a jailbreak of their orphanage. The Assured Neverland anime, season one, is a good adaptation. However I recommend people review the manga instead. CloverWorks decided that speedrunning through the source material was the best option and skipped 60 chapters, including the fan favorite Goldy Fish pond chapter. Yeesh.

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