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Get Ready for Fresh Season Content and Kraken Special in Splatoon 3’s Latest Revelation

Splatoon 3 will soon be showing you what the Fresh Season has in store, while Chill Season is quickly approaching its conclusion.

Splatoon3 will soon be wrapping up its Chill Season. However, the company has unveiled new content in the Fresh Season. This includes the return of the Kraken’s special skill. Splatoon3 Wave 1 will also be released at the same moment, so fans can look forward to a lot more starting on March 1.

Splatoon had a predecessor that released regular versions, but not on an established schedule. Splatoon3, which has a new seasonal system that is similar to other modern shooters, now offers a rotating set of emotes as well gear and decorations.

The Splatoon 3 development team has been very quiet about the next season. A new image teases several additional additions to the game. It also features a video showing Kraken Royale the returning Kraken Special. The Kraken Royale exclusive has so far been revealed only as part of the Krak-On Roller &.96 gal kits, along with Beakons & Flash Wall.

It is a special that was previously available in Splatoon. However, it didn’t return to Splatoon. Splatoon3 brings back specials and stages that were available in Splatoon1. This includes Flounder Heights and the Kilter Wail. Manta Maria returns to the classic stage while a new stage is introduced in the Fresh Season.

This image, in addition to showing several new weapons kits, also seems to hint at some new music. Fans are also shown a Jukebox. Dataminers had previously discovered this jukebox in the game. Even though there is no guarantee of any new music being added to battles, most gamers will likely enjoy the ability for them to pick their music and vote for it in battles.

Finally, there is one object visible in the image. It’s the blue orbs that have faces. It is possible that this new special is being added to Nintendo’s game. But, how it works is still a mystery. Nintendo has indicated that it will continue to distribute information about the upcoming seasons in the days and weeks to come. This should not be a long wait.

will soon have enough to do as they navigate a new catalog to unlock every feature of the game. Starting March 1, players will find plenty to do with new weapons, equipment, and card turf.

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