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One Punch Man: How Powerful is Garou?

One-Punch Man’s most powerful character is Garou. How does Garou compare to other characters?

Like most anime that have a unique villain type, Garou is a fan favorite in the Man series. Garou, known as the “hero hunter”, is an opponent of the monster and hero association. Garou, once a top student at Bang’s martial arts master, was expelled for losing control. He is also known to be the “hero hunter”, a strong opponent of the hero and monster association. This is due to his obsession with monsters.

Garou, a character introduced later in the series, is a young man with grayish hair. He wears a black long-sleeved shirt and long, white trousers, along with kung fu Tai Chi martial arts shoes. The long-sleeved t-shirt, which is more fitted and emphasizes his muscular body, makes it easy to see his muscles.

One-Punch Man

His hatred of heroes began in his childhood. He was bullied by Tacchan, a boy who bullied Garou when they played heroes and villains. Garou was always the villain. He saw Garou as the monster and realized how much his classmates loved Tacchan. He was driven to rage by this realization and he began to support monsters over heroes. He hates heroes and he attacks them violently. However, he believes he is a powerful person, and he will take down anyone who insults or challenges him. He doesn’t care about the rank or class of heroes and believes he is stronger than the heroes he wants to defeat.

Garou was a villain and was considered to be an evil person. However, when fighting, he believes that he should not kill his opponents which is strange for someone evil. He believes in protecting innocent people, such as children. This is evident when Metal Bat’s sister, the hero, shows up at Garou’s place and blocks Metal Bat from attacking him. Garou laughs it off and tells Garou he has another place to go.

Garou, before he embarked on his mad quest to hunt down heroes and defeat them, was a student of Bang. He was also his best student. He was a formidable force due to his strong martial arts training and enhanced physical abilities. Later, he stated that he had defeated over 100 heroes since he began them hunting him down.

Fighting Abilities


Garou enjoys the excitement of battle and will go into a frenzy fighting his opponents. He calls his opponents names and makes them feel superior. Garou examines the surrounding environment before he engages in battle. Garou was able, despite not being in the best of health, to defeat Death Gatling and his group of A-and-B class heroes who appeared to take Garou down. Garou was able to use his martial arts skills to defeat the heroes using their weapons against him and landing kicks and punches.

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Garou’s style of fighting revolves around powerful martial arts moves that he learned from Bang, his master. His fighting style can falter when it is time to fight heroes or monsters that use unique fighting styles, such as Watchdog Man, who can bounce off of objects to land an attack. Garou was easily defeated in this situation. Garou is strong enough to defeat A-class heroes. Garou’s strength and extraordinary martial arts skills give him an advantage over the average fighter. He is still able to fight, even though he has been poisoned and is weak. This makes him a formidable opponent. This shows that Garou has incredible endurance and stamina. He can fight no matter what the situation is. He is also known for his speed and agility. He was able to dodge bullets and perform acrobatic moves that allow him to avoid being attacked by his opponents.

Garou has heightened senses that allow him to see the intentions of his foes and anticipate their moves. Garou also has the will to win fights that are unlike any other. Garou defeated Spring Mustachio by inflicting injury on himself. He was also able to deflect all bullets Golden Ball fired at him. Garou uses Martial Arts to exploit his opponent’s weaknesses. Water Stream Rock Smashing Feist and Exploding Heart Release Finger are two of his favorite moves. He also learns from his opponents, such as when he imitated Watchdog Man’s movements to lift Geno’s arm.

Garou’s transformation into a monster is shown in the manga. He becomes stronger as he exceeds his limiter. His final form is even stronger and he is unstoppable.

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