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Record of Ragnarok’s Jack the Ripper Is a Darker Version of Sasuke

Season 2 of Record of Ragnarok transforms Jack the Ripper into an even more insane version of Sasuke of Naruto in the field as well as on a spiritual level.

This post contains spoilers for Records of Ragnarok Season 2 now streaming on Netflix.

The Record Of Ragnarok was a Netflix series that captivated viewers. They wanted to know how Jack the Ripper would handle Season 2. Many people associate him with the Victorian Era England’s misogynistic murderer who murdered women as part of a sadistic game. It was therefore quite bizarre that an anime used a toxic male such as Jack to hero in such sensitive times.

Jack, just like in the manga, is part of Brunhilde’s team. He fights the gods to save humanity from extinction. Many wondered how Jack would fare in a battle with Hercules. Record quickly leveled Jack, making him an even more bizarre take on Naruto‘s Uchiha Ranger at Sasuke.

Record of Ragnarok’s Jack the Ripper Mixes Sasuke’s Eye

Sasuke used the Sharingan eye to detect chakra in the Naruto, and Boruto stories. It was a useful tool in battle and when he needed to spot spies. Jack’s Record Of Ragnarok ocular ability is similar, but his glowing eye can detect people’s emotions. He can detect their glow and determine if they are happy, scared, or angry. He believed that if he was happy with his mother, despite her tragic past, he would be content.

It’s a double-edged blade, as Jack saw how much she hated him after his father refused to help them out of poverty. Jack became a woman-hater after the woman’s love for him turned into malice. Jack fell into a deep hole due to his loss of family, much like Sasuke losing his Uchiha clan. He did it for revenge but he was more interested in pleasure than revenge. That is why the Valkyrie seeks to harness this maniacal energy.

Record of Ragnarok’s Jack the Ripper Has Sasuke’s War Vibe

Sasuke’s war style is very iconic in Naruto. He loves to wear his dark cloak and throw his kunai at his enemies. He’s also a fast runner, jumping around with ease using trip wires and other tricks he learned from Kakashi. Jack is able to use all of these elements in Records of Ragnarok and can even cut up Hercules.

His eye, like Sasuke’s, complements this arsenal and helps him map Hercules’s movements. Jack can also perform the lightning-cutter move (aka the Chidori). Kakashi used it to transform his fist into a lightning blade to attack opponents in the heart. It was used to cut through Rin, his beloved when she was a bomb. Sasuke used the move on many enemies when it broke down. Sasuke is older and more cautious with this move. Jack follows a similar strategy, using his version in Records of Ragnarok‘s season 2 finale against Hercules.

His blood can transform anything into a weapon. He allows his blood to leak onto his hands. Jack then drives his fists through Hercules, nodding to the Chidori’s Fatality, as he gets closer. This tactic leaves Hercules amazed as he didn’t expect it. Jack is now on the same intelligence level as Sasuke when he wins this duel.

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