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Thor’s Efforts to Win Back she-hulk’s Love Are Crushed by Her Fury

Thor Just Tried To Hit She-Hulk Up for a Boo Call

Thor tries desperately to make it happen in the She-Hulk issue. Jennifer Walters isn’t so sure.

The following contains spoilers SheHulk#10 Marvel Comics.

Thor fails to make contact with his former lover She-Hulk #10

“U up!” is The God of Thunder. Jennifer Walters is not responding to texts she has sent. Jennifer is dealing with stress and depression from the sudden disappearance of Jack of Hearts. Jennifer returns from her Avengers experience disheveled. When she sees Thor’s message, she ignores the warning and calls Hellcat to have some much-needed girl conversation.

She-Hulk’s Romances in Thor and Jack Of Hearts

She-Hulk was involved in several relationships, both long-term and casual, with prominent Marvel characters such as Iron Man and Hercules. She-Hulk and Thor were briefly an item during the 2018 Avengers series. In that series, they shared a kiss at the battle tides and even went on a date in Savage Land. They confirmed their relationship in 2020’s Hollow-out: Fantastic Four#1. Their relationship ended one year later. It was due to a variety of events, such as Marvel’s War of the Realms. They were too far apart.

Jack of Hearts now plays the She-Hulk’s newest love in her series. Their relationship has seen its share of ups, and downs. Jack’s unpredictable skillset – which allows him to create energy and requires tempering via containment suit – once drained Bruce Banner (and Jennifer) of all their Gamma-induced powers in 1998’s Marvels#75. His volatile abilities have made many members of the superhero community suspicious of Jack. Jack only made a connection with Jennifer after he lost his abilities in She–Hulk.

Jack of Hearts: She-Hulk #10

Jack attempted self-sacrifice in SheHulk#9 for April #9 to stop Mark Booth and April, the two scientists using Gamma radiation to try to steal SheHulks powers. Issue #10 revealed that he survived but had regained all his unstable abilities. He temporarily fled into space to stop April and Mark Booth, two scientists experimenting with Gamma radiation who tried to steal She-Hulk’s powers.

SheHulk#10 by Rainbow Rowell. Takeshi Mizawa illustrates the issue. Rico Renzi colors it, and Joe Caramagna letters it. Jen Bartel designed the cover. David Talaski created a variant cover. Marvel’s Sheulk #10 is available now.

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