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Check Out This Stunning Pokemon Fan-Made Sprite of Walking Wake in Gold/Silver Style

One Pokemon fan creates Generation 2-inspired sprite artwork to walk Wake, the Paradox Pokemon based on Suicune.

Paradox Pokemon’s introduction to the Pokemon franchise has led to a flood of creative projects. One fan created the fan-favorite Walking Wake with sprites taken from Pokemon Gold. The Paradox Pokemon is a dinosaur-like Pokemon that was based on the legendary beast Suicune. It quickly attracted the attention of Pokemon fans when it was first revealed with Iron Leaves during the Pokemon Presents.

Paradox Pokemon, first seen in the most recent Generation 9 titles Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, are mysterious alternate forms for certain Pokemon. They sport distinct deviations from their original designs. Each version offers a unique selection of Paradox Pokemon. Many of these uncommon Pokemon designs were inspired by futuristic concepts while others are based upon prehistoric creatures. The two new Paradox Pokemon are based on legendary Pokemon Suicune & Virizion and can be accessed via limited-time Tera Raids that will run up to March 12, 2023.

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Paradox Pokemon has become so beloved that many of its fans have made a variety of artwork with them. Reddit user imdfantom posted a Generation 2-style sprite to Walking Wake. The post was shared with other fans who are interested in the classic Pokemon games. It’s not unusual to create similar designs to some of the more recent Pokemon, especially since a large number of users prefer the old-style animated sprites to the 3D models.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduced several new creatures to Pokemon. With over 100 new species being discovered across the vast Paldea area, there are more in the soon-announced DLC pack. Although there aren’t many details, the Teal Mask and the Indigo Diskexpansions that will be available in Fall and Winter respectively promise to add new Pokemon to locations outside of the Paldea region.

The reveal of future content has brought out a lot of excitement among gamers, but many people remain unsatisfied with the games’ technical quality. Even though the 1.2 updates for Pokemon scarlet and Violet promised performance improvements, many players continue to complain about framerate issues and even worse graphical quality.

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