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Demystifying John Wick’s Impossible Assignment

John Wick was once a well-trained assassin. His life was saved by him completing an impossible task that had devastating consequences.

John Wick has been called a bogeyman assassin but at one time, he had all that behind him. He had a brief life of peace as an adult married man. But, unfortunate circumstances would lead him back into violence. John lost his way through violence.

The events of the John Wick movies rely on the protagonists completing an “Impossible Task.” While it allowed him to briefly live, it also led directly into the events in the second film and third. John Wick may have felt a little bit of Heaven after completing the mission, but it would later return to haunt him. Now that the fourth John Witt movie has been completed, let’s take a look at this Impossible Task.

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John Wick Could Be Happily Married With ‘The Impossible Task.

John Wick was born Jardani Jovinovich in the Soviet Union. After he was convicted of treason, John would migrate to America and eventually join the Ruska Rome. John became an infamous hitman after he joined Viggo Tarrasov’s mob. John made enemies as an adult. John found Helen and thought it was the right choice for him. He fell deeply in love with her and sought a way from his chaotic, violent life. Viggo was willing to grant his wish. But John had to finish an “Impossible Task.” He needed to defeat Tarasovs all in one night so they could not regroup or retaliate.

Tarasov wasn’t expecting Wick to be able to pull off the mission. Thus, it’s an unreal moniker. John was fortunate to have the help of Santino Da’Antonio, who provided him with the resources necessary to kill Tarasov. John was successful in his mission. He was then allowed to leave Tarasov Mob. John continued living a life of love, and civility and his wife Helen passed away from cancer. John’s troubles would not end with these tragic events.

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The John Wick Sequels and the Impossible Job

The events that led to the first John Wik saw Viggo Tarasov, his son, attack John and one of their series’ dogs. John doesn’t have much time to celebrate this victory. D’Antonio is back in his life in John WICK: Chapter 1. He reminds John that he owes John for his help in completing the Impossible Task. John intends to make a swathe of cash by having Gianna D’Antonia murdered. John is put in danger by Santino, and the threat increases when John realizes that Santino has placed a bounty on his head.

John’s happiness was not guaranteed for very long, which made the Impossible Task that much more tragic. Helen would still have died and John’s civilian retirement would have been a short-lived peace. Santino would eventually get his debt paid, which forced John into a series that made Santino the most wanted man. Santino had a duty to help John on that night. This made it impossible for John to complete his mission.

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