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The Truth Behind Minato’s Sage Mode: Exploring the Depths of Naruto’s Universe

Minato’s Sage Mode is an unpopular topic because it has many plot holes. There is a valid reason that Minato can use Sage Mode perfectly.

Naruto remains a shonen legend despite its many plot holes. One of these lies in Minato being able to use Sage Mode during wartime despite never having had any training in Mount Myoboku. Minato activates his ability despite the threat to his life and he dies soon afterward. Minato didn’t use Sage Mode to defeat Obito or Kurama. Sage Mode can take years to develop and is hard to understand because Minato spends too much time in Mount Myoboku, both for his studies and during the ongoing conflict.

Minato’s short life ends in tragedy. But he suddenly uses Sage Mode during Fourth Great Ninja War. It is something Jiraya can’t achieve. Despite all the confusion about how this plot developed, Minato did indeed have Sage Mode. Minato had never been able to master the ability in his body while he lived, but now it’s possible.

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How does Minato’s Sage Mode function?

Minato, with his vast chakra reserve, can use the Senjutsu(Sage Jutsu), of Mount Myoboku. To further enhance his techniques, Minato may also enter Sage Mode. He can show the orange pigmentation of his eyes during wartime due to his incredible control over the chakra. This gives him the appearance that a Sage. Minato however admits to his ignorance. His skills in Sage Jutsu are not as good as they could be because it takes so long to build chakra to enter Sage Mode. He is also unable to keep the form for too many years.

Why doesn’t Minato utilize Sage Mode against Obito?

Minato is trapped in a dilemma as a Hokage. Not only must he defend the village, but his wife and son are also at risk from the Nine-Tailed Beast (Obito). He even escapes from Kushina (defenseless, already at death’s doors), which is also in danger. Minato can’t find the time to balance his chakra so that he can enter Sage Mode. Minato, like anyone else, would not let the fight drag on for too long. He would instead try to handle everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. Minato might have defeated Obito were it not for Hashirama’s cells which reside in Obito’s body.

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How can Minato use Perfect Sage mode in the War?

Minato, who is sacrificed to White Zetsu during The Fourth Great Ninja War. White Zetsu contains Hashirama’s cells so it instantly gives Minato energy and a few Hokage abilities. Madara can only use Sage Jutsu because he has received Hashirama’s cells and chakra, even though he didn’t practice the art. Minato surpasses all limits, including those that prevent him from entering Sage Mode, with the success of Reanimation Jutsu.

Minato however, despite all his benefits, has difficulty maintaining his Sage Mode for such a long battle. It is proving that his earlier statement was true. Sage Mode is effective in injuring Madara and Obito if they are in entail Jinchuuriki. Minato’s appearance in Sage Mode looks very similar to Jiraya. However, Minato does not excel in Sage Mode like Naruto or Hashirama.

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