What Are Harry Potter’s Major Wand Cores – And Do They Have Special Properties?

Harry Potter reveals that elements of magical creatures can imbue wands with magical powers. However, they can also have other effects.

Collecting their first wand is one of the most important moments for young wizards and witches in the Harry Potter universe. The moment that the wand selects the wizard is often the turning point in their magical journey. This can be done at Ollivander’s, or any other wand maker in America or mainland Europe. Although the material used to make the wand is important, its core is what gives it its magical properties and allows it to cast spells.

These cores can be made of many materials (at least 20 are listed in the Harry Potter lore), but they must be obtained from a magical creature. Some cores are more effective than others at specific types of magic, such as Unicorn Hair and Phoenix Feather.

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Phoenix Feather Core Wands are difficult to master

The most extraordinary feats and magic that Phoenix feather cores can perform seem to be possible, according to their appearance. This same phoenix was the core that Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort used. They are also known for their independence and ability to think independently, characteristics many witches and wizards find difficult and unpredictable. This core is the most selective of all and often has to go through multiple potential partners before choosing one.

Dragon Heartstrings are capable of great feats of magic

The Harry Potter books most frequently feature the Dragon Heartstring core. It is the base of the wands used by Minerva McGonagall, Hermione Granger, and Lucius Malfoy. Heartstring cores are capable of casting the most powerful spells. However, they can be persuaded to switch allegiances at any time. This was the core that was most willing to use dark magic in times of trouble.

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Surprisingly, Unicorn Hair Wands are Often Very Poor

Unicorn Hair Wands are, perhaps unsurprisingly, the polar opposite of Dragon Heartstring. Although they don’t have the power to perform more powerful magic, Unicorn Hair wands are known for being reliable and pure. This makes it difficult to use their magic in the dark arts. They can be found in both the wands Quirinus Quirrell and Remus Lupin. Because they lack the power to cast magic, they are most likely to “wilt” or lose their ability to do so.

A select few can master the Thestral Tail Cores

Thestral Tail Hair Cores are a rare find in the world of Harry Potter. They are often considered dangerous to use for creating wands. It is most prominently found in Antioch Peverell’s Elder Wand. This powerful, but difficult wand structure can be tricky to master. Only wizards and witches who accept the idea of death can do this, which is a reflection of the fact that Thestrals cannot be seen by anyone who has not witnessed it firsthand.

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Basilisk Horn has been used once, that we know of

Because they have been used only once in recorded history, the Basilisk Horn cores of Harry Potter are rare. It was used as the core for the wand that Salazar Slytherin wielded. However, the properties of its properties are still a mystery. The unusual property of Slytherin’s wand was that it could go to sleep when given instructions. Slytherin’s descendants passed the wand to their descendants before it ended up in the possession of his relatives, the Gaunt family in the 1600s. It was taken from the family and ended up at Ilvermorny School, America, around the time it was founded. It was later buried on the school grounds, where it became a Snakewood tree.

Thunderbird Feather Cores can make their Wands Sentient

Thunderbird Feather Cores were created by the American wizard Shikoba Wolf. They were extremely powerful. Although they proved difficult to master again, they were extremely sentient and could often cast curses against supernatural dangers or the enemies of their owners. Additionally, they proved particularly effective in the casting of transfiguration-based magic. Although there is not much information about the use of this core in wands, it was known that Holly Blackbird (Hong Kong Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery ) used this type of wand to cast transfiguration-based magic and passed it on as a family heirloom.

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