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The Bizarre Prop That a Riverdale Star Couldn’t Resist Taking

Riverdale Star Camila Mendes has revealed the bizarre prop she keeps at home, as the show based on Archie Comics is preparing for its final season.

As Riverdale gets closer to its debut, Veronica Lodge actor Camila Medes revealed the unique item from the show based on Archie Comics currently residing in her home.

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Mendes stated that one of the props was a gift that people were giving him during an interview. Hiram Lodge has a photo of Veronica cross-legged, her knees crossed. It’s very regal and I’ve put it over my bathroom in my guest room at the moment.” Furthermore, Mendes hopes to expand her collection. “…I will be stealing a new artwork that shows Veronica running through lions,” Mendes said. “Once the show ends, I’m going ask the artist to hand it over to me. I also want that inside the bathroom. I would like people to look at me and then pee.

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Since January 2017, Mendes has starred in the role of Veronica in the TV show Riverdale. It was only six years ago. While speaking with InStyle, Mendes confessed that she feels a certain ambivalence about the show’s end. She stated, “It’s such an awful feeling.” “It’s the end of an era and it’s going to be extremely strange to not have the show as an anchor for my life since it’s been for all of my twenties. But, I am eager for the next chapter.

Riverdale Rocks Around the Clock in Season 7

Riverdale season 7 is slated to premiere on The CW on Wednesday, March 29. The series finale will be aired 21 weeks later on Wednesday, August. 23. “The seventh season of Riverdale goes where no season Riverdale has ever gone before: the 1950s!” Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse), finds himself in the 1950s picking up from the point where the last season ended. He doesn’t know how he got there or how to get back to his present. His companions aren’t helpful as they live an authentic life, much like their famous Archie Comics counterparts. They are unaware that they’ve ever existed any other time than the 1950s.” according to the synopsis of the show’s official release.

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“Archie Andrews (KJ Apa), is an all-American teen. He’s about to come of age and get into trouble. Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) is the girl next to him. They ask questions about her life as well as her mother Alice (Madchen Amick). Toni Topaz is an activist for Riverdale High’s Black students. Kevin Keller (Casey Cott), is a square crooner’ struggling with his sexuality. Fangs Fogarty (Drew Ray Tanner is a greaser who is set to become an Elvis-type star. “It isn’t until Jughead is visited by Tabitha Tate (Erinn Westbrook) Riverdale’s Guardian Angel -who reveals the truth about their situation. Jughead and his crew will be able to return to the past. Will our characters remain stuck in the 1950s for the rest of their lives? If so… is this a bad thing?”

Riverdale season 7 debuts March 29th on The CW.

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