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Discover Peach’s Explosive Power in the New Super Mario Bros. Movie

A brand new promotional video from The Super Mario Bros. Movie stars Anya Taylor-Joy in the role of Princess Peach and the Fire Flower power-up.

A new campaign to promote The Super Mario Bros. Movie includes the princess Peach (Anya TaylorJoy) who is trying out her Fire Flower power-up.

The clip’s animation was uploaded on the official Super Mario Bros. Movie account. The clip begins with Princess Peach dressed in her pink dress. The Fire Flower gives Princess Peach the ability to control flames, and she also gets her dress a red and white palette. When the commercial ends, Peach throws a fireball at the viewers.

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The first time fans were able to see the princess Peach in the film Super Mario Bros. Movie making use of the Fire Flower in its official trailer. The trailer was made public in November. The popular power-up was available to Mario as well as his twin sister Luigi from the time that the Super Mario Bros. video game came out in 1985 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. However, this animated film is the second time that Peach has utilized the Fire Flower in a Mario project. Super Mario 3D World is the first and only game in which Peach can utilize the Fire Flower. It was launched on the Wii U in 2013 before being released on the Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Like how the Fire Flower provides characters such as Mario or Luigi the ability to switch between colors, Peach receives the power-up in Super Mario 3D World and her pink dress turns into a red, white, and white similar to the dress in Super Mario Bros. Movie. The “Fire Peach” is, however, not the only alternate outfit that the Mushroom King ruler wears in the animated movie. In the trailer for the film, Peach is seen in combat wearing a pink and white race suit as she takes to the road on her bike in racing games like Mario Kart Wii or Mario Kart 8.

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Princess Peach doesn’t need to be saved in the Mario Movie

Peach However, Peach isn’t the damsel-in-distress in Super Mario Bros. Movie. Luigi (Charlie Day) is the protagonist who has to be saved from Bowser (Jack Black). Aaron Horvath, co-director of Total Film magazine explained that “[Luigiis the princess Peach” character in the tale. Mario is trying to save his brother from Bowser. To accomplish this, he has to embark on a thrilling adventure. Luigi is a well-known, anxious, and anxious character in the direst scenario imaginable: he has to endure Bowser’s interrogations and make it through the maze.

Hovarth also mentioned the Super Mario 3D World in the story’s portrayal of Princess Peach. The character is portrayed as a hero in the rights of her character. The co-director said that she was the king of the kingdom of cute and poor Toads. “We considered how sturdy the person she is supposed to be to defend the people. This was the basis for Peach’s character.

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In April the Super Mario Bros. Film will be released in theaters.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be released in the United States Wednesday, April 5, and will then travel to Japan on Friday, April 28. Chris Pratt plays Mario and the Guardians of the Galaxy actor will take over the role previously held by Charles Martinet. Keegan Michael Key voices Toad, Seth Rogen voices Cranky Kong, Fred Armisen voices Cranky Kong, and Sebastian Maniscalco voice Foreman Spike. Kevin Michael Richardson voices Kamek as well as Khary Payton is the role of the Penguin King in the animated feature that is fast-paced. Eric Bauza will also voice an unnamed character, while Martinet will be seen in “surprise appearances” throughout the movie. As previously mentioned Taylor-Joy and Day play the roles of Princess Peach and Luigi respectively.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie debuts in theaters across the United States starting April 5.

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